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V:KIT GC column oven temperature probe
P/N: VKIT-1519

Robust and easily fitted thermocouple probe, suitable for GC Operational Qualification. New and updated design.

$297.21 each
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Calibration of GC column oven temperature probe


Designed for convenient temperature measurement as part of GC OQ testing.
Contains a Type K thermocouple on 6”/150 mm diameter cage with flexible steel cable.
Easily fits onto the column hanger within the GC oven.
Oven door can be closed without damaging the cable.

Temperature range: 0 ˚C to 450 ˚C

Compatible with VKIT-1531 and VKIT-DTM2 digital thermometers.

Note: This probe is supplied un-calibrated. For calibration please add part code RECAL-VKIT-1519 to your order.