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About Us

V:Kit are 100% dedicated to developing and providing world leading resources for analytical instrument qualification (AIQ).

Sure, you can purchase a standard solution from company X and general-purpose tools from company Y. But only at V:Kit can all your AIQ requirements be supplied through a single source. V:Kit certified standard solutions, AIQ specific tools, protocols, and procedures are all integrated through the V:Kit software platform to give maximum quality, efficiency and data integrity.

Established in 1996 (as NLG Analytical), V:Kit forged a reputation as a quality led, laboratory service organisation, providing maintenance and qualification services for chromatography and spectroscopy via the Labserv brand.

Following the sale of Labserv in 2012, and endorsed by the change of name, V:KIT Ltd is now focussing solely on developing the V:KIT range of software, reference standards, tools and procedures for AIQ.

We launched the first V:KIT software platform in 2002. Its creation was driven by our own experience in service delivery - recognising the need for a more efficient, consistent and cost-effective way of qualifying instruments. V:KIT has grown to become the world's leading independent IQ/OQ/PQ system. Our success is based on knowledge, experience and dependability. We provide products and services to a comprehensive range of clients including global Pharma manufacturers, generics, multi-vendor service providers and OEMs worldwide.