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How V:Kit lets you take control

V:Kit products are designed by experts to provide effective, consistent and compliant solutions for analytical instrument qualification. Our protocols and procedures, certified tools and reference materials are integrated into the V:Kit software platform. Field service teams, multi-vendor and OEM and analytical laboratories worldwide are benefiting from the harmonised qualification approach of V:Kit.

Choose from protocols for HPLC/UPLC, LCMS and MS/MS, GC and GCMS, Dissolution, UV-Vis and other analytical techniques. Work with the tests, setpoint and limits set by pharmacopeia, or by regulatory agencies, by OEMs or define your own.

Take control of your qualification needs with V:Kit

V:Kit Software and Protocols

Qualify your analytical instruments with a proven, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software package

  • Create, manage, and distribute secure, version controlled executable qualification protocols directly linked to Standard Operating Procedures and Certificates of Analysis.
  • Generate comprehensive qualification reports with full traceability.
  • Manage your Analytical Equipment database.
  • Share qualification results and protocols with your team. User account management with password expiry and security roles.
  • Electronic Signatures, Audit Trail, Deviation Reporting.
  • Suitable for paperless submissions.

Why try to create your own qualification protocols when a proven solution is already out there?

V:Kit provides over 400 validated tests and protocols each with a Standard Operating Procedure. Test setpoints and acceptance criteria can be customised to your requirements.

How can V:Kit help your service team?

Outsource the full documentation and version control of your qualification documents

Eliminate Excel spreadsheets and Adobe forms

Reduce time per qualification

Reduce or eliminate users’ errors on qualification documents

Defined user roles of Service Manager, Service Engineer, Quality Assurance, Purchasing

Use the accumulated knowledge from the thousands of instrument qualifications performed annually with V:Kit

V:Kit Software

Select the software platform and protocols to start to Take Control of your qualification needs:


How V:Kit helped Labserv

"Labserv have adopted VKIT as our only OQ delivery tool. VKIT offers us complete control over our Protocols, procedures and service deliverables to all our customers. It meets all of today's Data Compliance regulations and allows us to utilise one database for all field service Engineers.

The system architecture holds the key, in that one can devise any test for any instrument and roll this out to the mobile workforce very quickly. The Software allows us to harmonise all OQ testing on any particular site over multi-vendor Instrumentation. It also has the benefit of allowing very specific customisation of protocols for any instrument configuration in the field."

Gary Toher, Managing Director Labserv Group

Labserv provides a single source for multi-vendor lab instrument service, support and validation throughout Republic of Ireland and United Kingdom, specialising in HPLC, GC, Physical testing, Dissolution, UV-Vis, FTIR, Polarimetry and temperature mapping. Labserv are part of the SOTAX Group, a global leader in the development and manufacturing of dissolution testing, automated sample preparation, and physical testing equipment for the pharmaceutical industry