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Caudalímetros de líquido HPLC

V:KIT HPLC/UPLC liquid flowmeter

Specifically designed for HPLC and UPLC, the V:KIT liquid flowmeter enables easy and accurate measurement of flow rates. The tripod mount and robust carry case make the VKIT-LFM2, the perfect tool for field service engineers and laboratory personnel performing OQ/PQ and routine performance verification activities.

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Printer for VKIT-LFM / VKIT-LFM2 HPLC Flowmeter P/N: VKIT-PRT

The VKIT-PRT is connected to the serial port of a flowmeter and provides a time and date stamped flow report. No PC software is required, and the printer is encoded with the flowmeter serial number.

$767.52 por unidad
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Calibration for HPLC flowmeter

Calibration with traceable calibration certificate for VKIT-LFM, VKIT-LFM2 and other HPLC flowmeters. Select the number of calibration set-points required.

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V:Kit HPLC AutoFlow Starter Bundle P/N: V5-2002

Software to improve data integrity. Connect your HPLC flowmeter directly to your Windows PC or laptop with the supplied USB cable and produce reports with evaluation of flow accuracy and precision.  

$478.18 por unidad
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V:Kit-HPLC AutoFlow 12-month licence P/N: V5LIC-2212

Links your flowmeter calibration to V:Kit AutoFlow software.

$196.89 por unidad
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