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Make your service team more efficient

V:Kit can eliminate unproductive non-chargeable time designing and maintaining qualification protocols, so your team can work more efficiently.

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Dedicated tools for instrument qualification

V:Kit tools are designed, and calibrations are optimised specifically for use in chromatography and spectroscopy applications.

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Deliver your protocols and procedures

V:Kit can transfer your existing procedures onto a modern, 21 CFR part 11 compliant software platform.

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Welcome to V:Kit

At V:Kit, we are laboratory instrument qualification experts. We are dedicated to providing the tools, protocols and procedures, software and standards to help you achieve regulatory compliance in the laboratory. That’s why the V:Kit products are used globally by pharma, generics, multi-vendor service providers and OEMs. So you can take control of your analytical instrument IQ, OQ and PQ needs across all instruments, all manufacturers and all locations.

Our Products

Specifically for use in laboratories requiring compliance to regulatory agencies such as FDA, EMA and PMDA, V:Kit is a unique and independent system for qualification of HPLC/UPLC, LCMS and MS/MS, GC/GCMS, Dissolution and UV-Vis systems. Using one standard approach, regardless of instrument manufacturer, the V:Kit platform puts you in control of qualifying your analytical instruments.

Discover how protocols, SOPs, certified standards and tools can all integrate through V:Kit software.

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