Standard Solutions
V:Kit VPRO-3012 GC - gas chromatography - single channel qualification refill

GC dual channel FID kit (Stds 1-7)

P/N: V5-3122

GC dual-channel kit, suitable for qualifying dual channel GC systems with capillary inlet, liquid autosampler and FID/TCD.

$401.23 each
No. Channels:
No. Solutions:


Product Contents: Standards & licences.

Standards: 7 x Ampoules of Certified Standards
1 x VSOL-GC100 GC Linearity and Precision kit, 1.5mL each

1 x GC Oven Temperature
1 x GC Oven Temperature - with stability
2 x GC Inlet Temperature
2 x GC Detector Temperature
2 x GC Inlet Pressure Accuracy and Precision
4 x GC Inlet Flow Rate
6 x GC Detector Flow rate
1 x GC FID Noise and Drift
1 x GC FID Signal-to-Noise
1 x GC Precision and FID Response Linearity

Standards without licences? VSOL-GC100
Licences only? V5LIC-3022