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Shimadzu QP series GC System with MS detector kit
P/N: V5-4042

Suitable for qualification of Shimadzu QP series GC systems with single quad mass detectors.

$567.80 each


Product Contents: Standards & licences.

Standards: 3 x Ampoules of Certified Standards
1 x DFTPP standard
1 x Octafluoronaphthalene standard
1 x MS Hydrocarbon standard

1 x GC Oven Temperature
1 x GC Oven Temperature - with stability
1 x GC Inlet Temperature
1 x GC Detector Temperature
1 x GC Inlet Pressure Accuracy and Precision
2 x GC Inlet Flow Rate
3 x GC Detector Flow rate
1 x GC/MS Impedance (RF Tune)
1 x GC/MS Mass Accuracy (Tune) using DFTPP (up to 2 filaments)
1 x GC/MS Isotope Ratio (up to 2 filaments)
1 x GC/MS Signal-to-Noise
1 x GC/MS Mass Precision
1 x GC/MS Interface Temperature

Licences only? V5LIC-4042