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V:Kit 5 HPLC includes software,a comprehensive protocol with over 40 user configurable HPLC qualification tests, traceable reference standards with certificates of Analysis and SOPS. Kits are available for HPLC and UPLC, with all common detectors – UV, UV/Vis, PDA/DAD, fluorescence, refractive index, ELS and conductivity.

V:Kit 5 HPLC qualification tests summary:

  • Pumps
    • Flow rate accuracy & precision
    • Gradient accuracy & linearity, noise (ripple) for quaternary and binary gradients
  • Column Ovens
    • Temperature accuracy & stability
  • Autosamplers
    • Injection Precision & carry-over
    • Injection Linearity
    • Injection Volume Accuracy (Gravimetric)
    • Temperature accuracy (sample coolers)
  • Detectors
    • UV/Vis - wavelength accuracy via Holmium or Caffeine, response linearity, Signal-to-Noise, Noise & Drift
    • Fluorescence - EX & EM wavelength accuracy, response linearity, Signal-to-Noise, Noise & Drift
    • RI - refractive index detector linearity only, Noise & Drift
    • ELS - evaporative light scattering response linearity, Noise & Drift
    • Conductivity - response linearity, Noise & Drift


    • Bar Code Reading
    • Protocol Details
    • IQ and PQ modules are available as seperate options



V:Kit 5 LCMS includes software,a comprehensive protocol for single and triple quad MS systems with user configurable qualification tests, traceable reference standards with certificates of analysis and SOPS.

V:Kit 5 LCMS qualification tests summary:

  • MS Detector Response Linearity
  • System Injection Precision and Carryover
  • MS Signal-to-Noise in Negative and Postive Ion Modes
  • Front End tests for pumps, column compartments.

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