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V:Kit Software Platform with LCMS and MS/MS Protocols

A range of test templates with SOPs for LCMS and MS/MS systems for delivery and execution by V:Kit software.

V:Kit's flexible, protocol designer tools allow users to build protocols suitable for any single and triple quad configurations and their associated HPLC/UPLC front-ends.

The test templates are delivered and executed by V:Kit software. Tests can be assembled into user-defined protocols to deliver qualifications on any system configuration.

Default setpoints and limits are supplied and are also user definable within your own customised protocols.

Once authorised, the protocol is secured and version control is enabled.

Standard Operating Procedures

Each test design contains a SOP which is directly accessed from the software. They are centrally distributed and are only accessible by authorised users. Full version control is enabled, and obsolete versions automatically archived, preventing use of out of date procedures.

Each SOP provides instructions on how to execute the test and documents the formulae and calculations used in the data evaluation. This assists the process of data checking by Quality Assurance or external auditors.

Certificates of Analysis

COAs are directly accessed from the software, which automatically extracts and embeds the analytical data directly into the test protocol. This avoids transcription errors and prevents accidental use of out of date materials.

The COA of a batch of a standard used in a OQ/PQ test can be electronically attached to the qualification report. So no more photocopies or poor quality scans….

V:Kit COAs follow ISO guidelines regarding certified values, intended use, homogeneity, storage, hazard and quality information.

Operational Qualification Test Templates

Mass Spectrometer
Suitable for all single and triple quads
  • Mass Measurement Accuracy
  • Response Linearity MS
  • Injection Precision MS
  • Positive Ion Signal-to-Noise
  • Negative Ion Signal-to-Noise
AB Sciex®
Additional tests for AB Sciex® triple quads
  • Positive Unit Mass Resolution: Q1,Q3 LM/HM
  • Negative Unit Mass Resolution: Q1,Q3 LM/HM
  • PPG Unit Mass Resolution and Calibration
  • Turbo V TISP
  • MSMS Efficiency
  • Flow Rate Accuracy/Precision of pumps
  • Gradient Accuracy (quaternary low-pressure and binary high pressure modes)
  • Temperature Accuracy/Precision (column compartments, sample managers)
UV/DAD/PDA Detection
  • UV Wavelength Accuracy with Holmium Perchlorate (Scan, Injection and Manual modes)
  • Far-UV Wavelength Accuracy with Caffeine (Scan, Injection and Manual modes)
  • Response Linearity
  • Injection Precision with Carryover
  • Injection Linearity
  • Signal-to-Noise
  • Noise and Drift