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Débitmètre GC

V:KIT GC digital gas flowmeter

Easy to use gas flow meter, ideal for measuring flow on gas chromatographs, including column, split, purge and detector gas flows.

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Calibration for GC gas flowmeter P/N: RECAL-VKIT-GFM

6-point calibration with certificate of calibration for gas flowmeters including VKIT-GFM, VKIT-GFM3, ADM1000/PE1000 and ADM2000.

$492.66 each
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V:KIT FID adaptor for Agilent 6890 & 7890 GC, Hewlett Packard 5890 GC P/N: VKIT-1560

Inserts directly into the FID outlet for simple measurement of column, H2, Air and Make-Up gas flowrates

$152.68 each
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