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V:KIT is a unique and independent system for qualifying analytical instruments. It's a system for the OQ/PQ qualification of HPLC, GC and GCMS, also tablet dissolution instruments and processes.

V:KIT is designed to fit all needs, from the smallest to the largest organisation.

V:KIT consists of Windows-based software to create and manage qualification protocols, and deliver controlled consistent qualification tests; Traceable chemical reference standards; Standard operating procedures.

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V:Kit 5 (63)

V:Kit 5 is the latest incarnation of V:Kit. It builds on the functionality and success of V:Kit 3.1 and V:Kit Pro, with new features which add efficiency, and extend the application of V:Kit. If you have a bespoke qualification requirement not listed here, email: info@v-kit.com

Standard Solutions (17)

All the traceable standards used in V:KIT can be purchased separately.

V:KIT qualification tools (40)

Proven tools for OQ testing including multi-channel thermometers, pressure meters and liquid and gas flowmeters

Probes and accessories (2)

Probes for measuring temperature in GC inlets, column ovens and in autosampler trays. Replacement OQ columns, decrimpers, syringe luer adaptors, chart rolls etc.


Tool Calibration (22)

An efficient, cost-effective meter and probe calibration service to maintain the accuracy of your essential tools. Calibrated instruments are returned complete with a Calibration Certificate traceable to international standards.

Select from the available calibrations as described below. You should then complete the appropriate calibration request form for:

  • HPLC flowmeter
  • Thermometers & probes
  • GC flowmeter
  • GC pressure meter

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