V:kit 5 Overview

V:Kit is a unique, independent qualification system for analytical instruments.

V:Kit 5 packaging photoYears of front-line experience have gone into the development of V:Kit 5, to create a system for qualifying instruments that is practical, flexible, reliable, and quality-driven. V:Kit is also brand-independent – suitable for just about any make of equipment.

V:Kit is used worldwide in analytical laboratories – by global corporations and small labs; metrologists, analysts, and independent service delivery companies. Used correctly, it can aid compliance to regulations issued by international authorities such as FDA (USA), MHRA (UK), IMB (Ireland), etc.

Experience with V:Kit has opened the door to self-validation for many organisations. If you're an in-house service engineer or lab technician, with V:Kit you now have the tools and resources needed to enable you to qualify your own instruments.

V:Kit 5 consists of:

  • Windows-based software
  • Qualification protocols with user configurable tests
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Traceable reference standards with Certificates of Analysis

It has the inherent flexibility to perform the qualification of any piece of equipment, using default protocols or your own/your customers' protocols.

V:Kit delivers controlled and consistent qualification tests for a range of techniques, including: HPLC, GC/GCMS, tablet dissolution, UV/Vis, and the calibration of analytical balances. New qualifications are constantly being created.

Although developed for analytical instrument qualification, V:Kit 5 can be adapted to almost any qualification/verification requirement for equipment that has standard data associated with it.

V:Kit delivers many benefits, including:

V:Kit is efficient

V:Kit is a self-contained qualification system designed for quality and efficiency. It can dramatically reduce the time it takes to manage instrument qualification.

V:Kit is comprehensive

Qualification using V:Kit is a seamless operation, combining:

  • Software
  • Reference standards
  • Documentation - qualification protocols, audit trails, reporting tools
  • SOPs
  • Tools

 V:Kit provides a single, harmonised qualification platform

V:Kit uses one standard approach, regardless of instrument manufacturer, providing a platform that can unify the quality and consistency of your qualifications across:

  • All makes of instrument
  • All laboratories
  • All locations

V:Kit lets you Take Control

  • It incorporates a wide range of qualification protocols to meet your requirements.
  • We can deliver bespoke protocols designed specifically to your own needs.

 V:Kit benefits service providers, and labs

  • For service providers – V:Kit offers a clear competitive advantage, including cost and quality beneifts
  • For labs – especially those with lots of different makes of equipment spread over different locations, V:Kit provides a common qualification platform that's conveniently accessible.

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V:Kit 5 Modes Comparison

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V:Kit Documents & Reporting

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More about V:Kit applications

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